Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Breaking of the Glass

The "stepping on" or "breaking of" the glass is a well-known and long-standing tradition in Jewish weddings, and the wedding tradition around which the concept for Mazel Tov Glass is built. But, how did the tradition begin and what is the significance behind it?  There are many different answers, and most of them coincide with one another and complement each other.

One of our most favorite explanations can be found on which links the together the remembrance of the destruction of the Holy Temple with the concept that you and your soulmate were connected as one soul before separating into two halves, which found each other and and came back together, never to be apart again.  

What we like best is that the two elements of this explanation both contain the fundamental, and beautiful, concept of unity, and the idea that no matter what you believe in, a wedding is a ceremony of two separate people (and families) coming together to fuse their lives into one.

What are your favorite explanations of the breaking of the glass?

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