Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Mezuzah: The Jewish Security System

Mazel Tov Glass Mezuzah
On the doorpost of every Jewish home rests a mezuzah. Some may think it's a dainty decoration or a good luck charm. Put one up to keep the evil spirits away!

Actually, a mezuzah is a daily reminder ― and a public declaration ― of Jewish identity and faith.

What makes it important is the concept that the doorpost is the dividing line between the swirl of the outside world and the sanctity and safe haven of the home.

Hanging a mezuzah on the doorpost is an ancient custom. Archaeologists have discovered mezuzah parchments nearly 2 thousand years old.

The mezuzah is placed on an angle to the right of the door entrance about 5 feet above the floor. Every room may have a mezuzah with the exception the bathroom and closets. 

Prototype of Mezuzah designs

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MTG New Design: A Glass Mezuzah

Mazel Tov Glass Presents A New Design: A Glass Mezuzah

Designing and producing mezuzah cases has been elevated to an art form over the ages. 
Mazel Tov Glass has designed a mezuzah from the broken wedding shards of the glass stepped on at the ceremony. Every mezuzah we create has a Shin handwritten in glass. Each piece is mounted on sterling silver. Though the mezuzah cases are decorative, the important part of the mezuzah is the klaf, or parchment, and not the case itself. A kosher klaf can me purchased separately through Mazel Tov Glass.

Get your very own, unique hand-blown Mezuzah here: 

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Friday, November 8, 2013

Artist Spotlight: Swoon

Mazel Tov Glass Meets Street Artist Swoon

Susan, Swoon and Ira

Swoon is a street artist born in New London, Connecticut, and raised in Daytona Beach, Florida. She moved to New York City at age nineteen, and specializes in life-size wheat paste prints and paper cutouts of figures. 


    Linoleum Block Print and Wheat paste Print

Swoon, real name Caledonia Dance Curry, studied painting at the Pratt institute in Brooklyn and started doing street art around 1999. She opened her studio for us to visit.

    Girl from Brazil on Tin and Wood canvases

For more examples of her work click here.

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Mazel Tov Glass Supports City Harvest

Mazel Tov Glass Supports City Harvest 

The Bid Against Hunger event was held on Tuesday, October 22, 2013 Metropolitan Pavilion (125 West 18th Street) 

Honoring Stacy and Joel Hock

The Giveaway

This year's Bid Against Hunger attracted nearly 1,000 people and raised $1.3 million for City Harvest. Guests bid on exclusive prizes in both the live and silent auctions, which included a dozen Cronuts that sold for $14,000, and a private wine class with Aldo Sohm and dinner for two prepared by Eric Ripert that sold for $42,000.

Salumeria Rosi Parmacotto

Other prizes included vacation packages, sports memorabilia and other once in a lifetime culinary experiences. VIP Room guests enjoyed an exclusive tasting of regional purveyors' foods, passed hors d'oeuvres and high-end wines.

Our friend: Cakes by Ron Ben-Israel

Click here to see pictures from Bid Against Hunger

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