Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Mezuzah: The Jewish Security System

Mazel Tov Glass Mezuzah
On the doorpost of every Jewish home rests a mezuzah. Some may think it's a dainty decoration or a good luck charm. Put one up to keep the evil spirits away!

Actually, a mezuzah is a daily reminder ― and a public declaration ― of Jewish identity and faith.

What makes it important is the concept that the doorpost is the dividing line between the swirl of the outside world and the sanctity and safe haven of the home.

Hanging a mezuzah on the doorpost is an ancient custom. Archaeologists have discovered mezuzah parchments nearly 2 thousand years old.

The mezuzah is placed on an angle to the right of the door entrance about 5 feet above the floor. Every room may have a mezuzah with the exception the bathroom and closets. 

Prototype of Mezuzah designs

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