Monday, October 21, 2013

MTG Celebrates NJ Marriage Equality

Peter and Bob's Ceremony
Congratulations; at last, Marriage Equality arrives in New Jersey! Many couples in New Jersey are rushing to make their wedding plans. 

Why not incorporate a unique Mazel Tov Glass ritual into your wedding ceremony?

Choose two contrasting hand-blown glasses for you each to step on. We 
combine the colored glass shards and create a keepsake of your marriage moment for you to use and enjoy.

Happy couple Florrie and Barbara prepping to step
The Jewish tradition of stepping on a glass at the wedding ceremony represents the fragility of relationships. This tradition has been incorporated into all types of marriage ceremonies of various denominations and genders.

Holly and Nancy's Turquoise & White Ginger Jar
The Mazel Tov Glass ceremony includes two different colored glasses that brides or grooms step on at the ceremony. The combing of two different colored glasses into one vessel represents intertwining of the lives of two loving people.

In support of NJ we are offering a Mazel Tov Glass Special:
When you buy one glass get one free FREE when you purchase a Something Special package! 

Click here for more information and call us at 212-219-2092 to purchase this special package!

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