Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Witch's Balls

The Mazel Tov Glass team is bringing out the fright with this glass witch ball that was hand-blown at the Brooklyn Glass Studio in Brooklyn. Hung outdoors, a witch ball was a simple hollow glass sphere made in various colors. It was believed that witches were attracted to its beautiful colors.

Witch Ball created by Mazel Tov Glass in 2013

Once inside they became confused and unable to escape, lending protection and good energy to the household (like a mezuzah!). Sometimes the balls were filled with either herbs, to ward off evil, or string. In the English version, the visiting spirit would become entangled in the string preventing it from escaping or it would become too involved in pulling out the string thus keeping the household safe!

Check out the team creating this spooky hand-blown Witch Ball at Brooklyn Glass: 

Happy Halloween! And don't forget to check out our hand-blown glasses here.

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